Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the F45 Playoffs test you for?

The Playoffs is functional all body, strength, agility and cardiovascular trial that tests you equally on all four disciplines.

Q: What is a great score and what is a bad score?

There is no great, average or bad score. What you achieve is a benchmark for your current functional strength and fitness.

Q: What if I can not repeat any repetitions in a station?

You will still get a score however if you do not complete a repetition in more that 2 stations you will not get a score.

Q: Where can I do the test?

You can do the test in any normal training centre or gym however you will require to have all the equiptment to be able to complete the test.

Q: How do I qualify for regional, state, national or world titles?

You have to complete the test and be verified by an approved F45 Judge. The list of judges can be found at F45 Playoffs Facebook page.

Q: How much does it cost to compete in the playoffs?

It is free to compete in the Playoffs. All you need to do is register and turn up on the day.

Q: How long does the test take to complete?

It is exactly 10 minutes to complete the 10 stations involved in the test.

Q: How long do I stay in each station?

You stay in the station for 45 seconds and complete as many repetitions as possible and have a 15 second rest before you change stations and move to the next after your 15 second rest.