The Playoffs test is designed by the worlds leading group training franchise network: F45 Training. The innovative test which will become the benchmark for fitness testing globally includes the following exercises: Rowing, Bench Hops, TRX Push up + Knee Tuck, Lateral hops, Box Jump+ Burpee, Chin Up, Squat + Press, Russian Twist, Deadball Over the Shoulder Throw and Sprint + Lateral Hop. In summary... 10 stations, 45 secs work per station, 15 secs rest to next station, 10 minute test, roughly scored per station out of 100 points (max we believe is achievable is 1,000 points).

F45 Training hosted the World Series Fitness Test at the US Open of Surfing held at Huntington Beach in July 2015. The winning team SoCal took home the $100k prize money. The teams were made up of four contestants and the Playoffs finals format decided the winner on August 2. Finalists were drafted from contestants throughout the US and from all over the world.

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