A proprietary algorithm has been developed that rates
the value of one repetition per station. Each repetition
within the station has a different value based on the
degree of difficulty for that movement.

For example, a Box Jump + Burpee derives a higher point value per repetition than a lateral hop. In rough terms we developed a “perfect” score to be 100 points per station, we then reviewed the number of reps that we tested to be the “ultimate athletes” scoring for that station. With the ultimate athletes score we then divided that by 100 points to establish a benchmark score per rep.

To provide a rough guide a chinup is worth 5 points as we believe that an “elite” athlete will be able to achieve 20 chin ups during the test. NOTE: Do not advise members that the score is out of 1,000 (as each station in theory could achieve 100 points) as it is just a score to establish a benchmark. Similar to the beep test in that you have varying scores that flex depending on the participants athletic ability.